"In my chest, my own heart was breaking.
On my cheek, the lily reminded me who I was."

Sydney Katherine Sage | 19 | Human Alchemist [Witch]

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Disclaimer: Sydney Sage is a fictional character in the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. I don't own the character or the actresses I play her with.

Verses: (More info will be added with each)

Verse 1: The Secret Diaries Verse

Verse 2: Mystic Falls

Verse 3: Palm Springs

Verse 4: Chance Harbor

Verse 5: When in Rome

Verse 6: St. Petersburg, Russia

 Verse 7: Re-Education 

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» Amanda Seyfriedas Sydney Katherine Sage » 

“You don’t know the first thing about me, Adrian Ivashkov. I fight back plenty.” 


Sydney Katherine Sage is the middle child of three girls. Her father, Jared Sage, is a prominent figure in the Alchemist society - a secret human organization dedicated to protecting humans from the species known as Strigoi, Moroi and Dhampirs. Strigoi are the evil, immortal vampires who kill,  while the Moroi are living mortal vampires who only feed for survival. Sydney grew up being taught by her father how to be the best Alchemist possible. She had firm beliefs implanted into her mind from a young age - religion, good vs. evil, etc. Most of all, Sydney was taught all creatures of the night and the hybrid dhampirs were evil. Her opinions became conflicted however, when she met none other than Rose Hathaway. She was a fierce and courageous dhampir, who was also exotically beautiful. Sydney - as a favor to Abe Mazur who took revenge out for Sydney on the guy who raped her older sister - helped Rose when she was on her quest in Russia (where Sydney was stationed.)

After that, Sydney found herself admiring the fiery Dhampir. She grew to see her as a friend after helping Rose clear her name when the late Queen of the Moroi world died. The action caused rifts with Sydney and her superiors, however. She was put on suspension until she was assigned to go to Palm Springs to protect the new Queen’s half-sister, Jill Mastrano-Dragonmir. There, Sydney finds herself befriending Jill, Eddie, Angeline, Trey and Adrian Ivashkov. Along with that, Sydney Sage finds herself figuring out there’s more to her than just a simple Alchemist human girl. She has an affinity for magic. Not only that, but she finds herself developing a close bond with the notorious Moroi party boy, Adrian Ivashkov. He understands her better than anyone else ever has, even though he’s not of her species. After he kisses her and says he loves her, Sydney flees his apartment. She immediately calls her supervisors to be reassigned, and she gets on the first plane out of Palm Springs.

Then - they meet once again in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia where Sydney is stationed to protect the Dhampirs and Moroi hiding there. She meets Adrian once more, and their bond is rekindled. When Sydney was possessed by the demon Scarlette, Adrian and her have a relationship with each other for a few weeks before the demon is exorcised from her body. The traumatic situation left a lot of scars for the Alchemist. She spiraled into insecurity, which triggered her eating disorder more. Adrian was the one who pulled her out of the darkness and made her feel safe again. They go through more together, and eventually Sydney gives in to her feelings for him. They begin a relationship together, but it’s short-lived. After saving Adrian’s soul from the spirit world using magic, then making love to him, Sydney breaks. With all the taboos in both their societies and all the craziness they’ve endured, Sydney doesn’t want to make Adrian’s life any harder. It’s a silly notion, but one that drives her to leave a note  and her golden cross on his pillow before sneaking out of his apartment and leaving town.

{{ This is where all verses diverge }}

Background for character:

Sydney Sage is based on a character in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series.All rights go to the author. This is just my interpretation.

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Nice blouse, Sage. It really brings out the khaki in your pants.

—Adrian Ivashkov (via ivashhkinator)

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The Many Faces of Sydney Katherine Sage:







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